Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fairground Games

Year 9 have completed their annual probability project where they design, test and run a ‘fairground’ for visiting year 6 students. It is always great fun and this year was no exception. The exercise is all about experimental probabilities. By designing games carefully, you should be able to predict that more people will lose a game than win it. With theoretical games, you can calculate it. The challenge is to make a game that people want to play, that is possible to win, but that people are mostly likely to lose so the stall holder wins in the end. So it is great to put these games to real test. Year 6 obliged and were very discerning with their money. Some of them went home with more than they came with, but on balance the fairground won - just. This years winners were Nicholas and Kieran whose brave ‘wet sponge throw’ (it was cold outside) won the most money. A direct hit in the face was required to win, but apparently the punters felt a body hit was worth the cost! Great design and aesthetics from the ‘Jungle challenge’ and ‘jungle hoops’ and lots of terrific ideas involving everything from Nerf guns and roulette wheels! A terrific event - well done to all who took part! 

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