Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Weaving the Three Times Table

This is something from the archives, from Year 1.

In our topic on clothes, we'd looked at denim under the microscope. It looked something like this:

This is the 'back' of it
We saw the way the blue threads went over two and under one. We made the pattern on a hundred square by filling the right cells white on a Word document:
Click on image to download Word doc
It looked like this when we'd finished (after correcting some mistakes):

 Then we used another Word document, printed onto A3 cartridge paper and cut with a Stanley knife along the vertical lines:

Click on image to download Word doc
On this sheet we circled the multiples of three. Now it was just a question of threading blue strips in to make the same pattern, over two numbers not circled and under the circled multiples of three. The class really concentrated and got some great results!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Number Balances in Year 4

We've been working with our new number balances in Year 4.

The two sides of the balance have to balance.

We created lots of balanced numbers. Like this:

You'll notice there's more than one weight on some numbers!

We also did the same thing with an online version from nrich:

We made lots of them!

And a whole lot more!

 The challenge, though, is to work out where the weights were the next day!

We're writing them as equations:

We also had a go at this balancing game (which starts out easy then gets a little harder):

This one, Weigh It Up, starts out easy and gets harder too: