Monday, 22 October 2012

Data Week

Well this quickly turned in to data month! We started the year by collecting data from all of the students in the secondary school and some from the primary school. As mentioned ina previous post, we collected information on physical measurements, computer use, daily habits, homework, reading, religion and much much more.  The idea was that we would work towards a display of 'Who we are' in September 2012 which is now currently up in the schools reception. A gallery of photos is included below! When I say we, I mean the different subject areas in the school. We really wanted a cross curricular project that showed the relevance of data collection and analysis across the curriculum!

Who, what and why?

So the English department were keen to find out about students reading habits as students got older and the things that eventually stop people from reading. There were some interesting results that did show how reading time decreased as homework demands increased.

The French department were keen to find out about languages spoken at home and the influence this has on students. They have processed and displayed the data too!

Mr Podbury in Geography collects information every year on summer holiday travel and it is remarkable to see how far we spread out during these holidays and our collective distances travelled.

For History, we included a spot test on the student body's knowledge of world leaders with the intention to look for patterns. Actually, whilst in general students got a little better at this as they got older, we found know patterns between people from different nationalities. We also did some PSCHE/History work on discovering our political persuasion which included a lovely exercise in weighting our different views according to how strongly we felt. This is shown in a display of diamond 9 diagrams.

Students in ICT lessons collected data on there typing speeds and there were various exercises in the Primary school too. Students in maths lessons processed lots of the other data to make a variety of different 'infographic style' displays about who we are in September 2012.

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