Monday, 22 October 2012

4D Scattergraphs

The current media machine is full of beautiful infographics - variations on classic graphs and clever combinations of graphs and images. The great skill as the consumer is to look beyond how attractive these graphics can be and towards what they might actually tell you! There are some super examples and one of our favourites is 'Information is beautiful!' Anyway, as part of our whole school data project, some year 11 students set about creating some of their own! The challenge they faced was to create something that was good to look at and contained as much information as possible! So here we have, the 4D Scattergraphs. They are scattergraphs of height against armspan for students in our school. One graph for girls and one for boys. The points (butterflies in the case of the girls!) get larger to denote students in different year groups and the points are coloured according to the nationality of the students.

Infographics have been a bit of a theme in recent years. have a look at 'Olympic Circles' and 'The Rice show' to see some of the activities we have done before!

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