Friday, 18 November 2011

Coming up...

This is just a short entry to show some things that are coming up with my classes next week in mathematics here at the International School of Toulouse!

Year 7s are getting stuck in to a new unit on probability (link for IST members). There is lots of game playing and experimenting planned as we try and challenge our intuition with some good logical reasoning!

Year 10s will be looking in depth, backwards and forwards at percentages. We will have some fun looking at percentages in the media and trying to get to the bottom of the headlines like 'Jedi Knights are the worlds fastest growing religion.'

Year 11s will continue their work on a statistical analysis of UK number singles using this 'NumberOnes' activity that includes a cool database of the whole history of number one singles, how long they were at number one, how long the songs are and what decade the songs were released in. There are some great patterns emerging!

Year 12 Maths Studies students will be revisiting right angled trigonometry and using dynamic geometry software to build their own 'trig ratio calculator'. This, in an attempt to see how trig ratios arise from naturally observed phenomena!

Year 13 Maths Studies students are moving on from sets and logic to probability. ( I love how year 13 are studying the same topic as year 7) We will try and marry what we know about tree diagrams, and , or etc with the work we have done on sets and logic, starting with this 'Probability Trees' activity.

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