Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Big Breakfast Venn

It started out as a simple idea. IB Maths studies students drew a giant Venn diagram on the playground with chalk to do a survey of what people had for breakfast. They stood where they belonged in the diagram and they drew little stick figures of themselves to serve as a record. At break we invited other staff and students to put themselves in the diagram, then lots of classes from the primary school came over and before we knew it we had created 'The Big Breakfast Venn'. The drawings got more and more elaborate with the art department steeling the show! It was a simple idea just to play with different sections of a Venn diagram before going on to some more complicated problems and it turned in to a great whole school activity. Hopefully below you can see some of the great pictures we got to keep a record!

Posted by Jim Noble, Curriculum leader for secondary mathematics, International School of Toulouse, www.intst.euCo-author www.teachmaths-inthinking.co.uk

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  1. Hi Pink Mathematics

    I think the video clip about 'what did you eat for breakfast this morning?' was pretty cool!
    I think its was very colourful and the drawings were really good.
    Its a very creative way to display what you ate this morning, its alot better than a graph, i love the idea and im glad you did it.

    from Mackenzie
    Room 24