Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Thought Plants

In Toulouse, at the Préface Gallery, two artists Charlie Youle and Bevis Martin are exhibiting some beautiful sculptures, "Thought Plants".
The Préface website says:
Thought Plants présente un ensemble de sculptures murales réalisées à partir de dessins de plantes faits par des enfants. Les dessins originels sont en réalité issus d’une méthode de calcul pédagogique et ludique destinée à faciliter l’apprentissage des mathématiques. Ainsi, derrière une représentation de la nature Bevis et Charlie nous donnent à voir la relecture d’un motif oscillant entre la spontanéité enfantine et la rigueur mathématique d’un algorithme.
The pictures that the artists based their work on were factor trees featured on this blog. In fact, that's where they encountered the trees! Mr Gregg was amazed when he first heard from the artists, who he'd not met before, about the project.
Miss Ash and Mr Gregg went to see the private view to open the exhibition. It was wonderful to see how the 2D shapes created by our students had been lovingly recreated in 3D in pastel shades that gave them a sense of being carved in colourful stone.
 In the basement there was more work based on a mathematical theme:
Miss Ash talking with Charlie Youle
The artists with Mr Gregg

Back in 2013 we posted about the factor trees that the Year 5s had created.
It was surprising and wonderful to see them being given a new life as artworks!


Charlie, Bevis and their daughter came to visit us at IST today - see the Year 4 blog.


  1. Lovely, innocent looking trees! What were they made of? Clay?

  2. Wow! What an amazing connection.......