Sunday, 26 January 2014

Co-ordinates games and quizzes in Year 4

In Year 4 we've discovered some islands. (Naturally they all have buried treasure on them somewhere.) We've made careful maps of them. All the maps have coordinates, and we've used those to make a guessing game about where the treasure is buried. We started our work using a letter-number coordinate, and referring to the spaces, the squares, rather than the lines. Then we moved on to a number-number system, this time referring to the lines and where they cross.

For the treasure hunt game, first of all we secretly decide on and write down the coordinates of the treasure. Our partner then has to guess the coordinates. We say "hot" if the guess is in the squares around the buried treasure - and we mark that with a red cube. We say "warm" if it's int he squares around those, marking this with a yellow cube. And "cold" if it's anywhere else.

We've also used created some coordinates quizzes using Hot Potatoes. Here's one of them:

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