Friday, 7 June 2013

So you think you can count?

Students, parents and teachers all having fun in a night of maths!

To so many that would sound unlikely, but we now have evidence to the contrary!

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At the International School of Toulouse this week, we had a really fantastic evening aimed at helping everyone understand the aims of maths education, to give students a chance to show off what they do and to have some fun. The focus of the evening was a competition where parents and teachers were in teams of 4 - 6 and they had to visit different stalls, which were run by students. Each stall involved students offering an short version of an activity that they had done in their classes to the teams of parents. There were 5 points available at each stall and parents had 1h15 minutes to visit as many of them as they could and collect as many points as they could.

Well, we had everything! Teams were really engaged in the task, some with serious determination to collect all the points on offer, some with real determination to solve problems, and some prepared to offer cash in exchange for points! (I should add we were collecting for the charity - Theatre against oppression - on the evening as well, so all bribes went to a good cause and there was a good bit of theatre involved!) A priceless faux pas from me at the end added some delicious irony - I tried too quickly to pick the top three scores from the list and got it wrong. This prompted much well deserved mickey taking and surely many of the audience to ask - So you think you can count?'

Above all else, the students were brilliant and the parents equally enthusiastic and so the aims of the evening were well and truly achieved. Having done it once I can really recommend the idea and wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

Here are some photos and video of the evening in action!

We also used this opportunity to fill our school's reception with inetractive displays about what goes on in our maths classrooms. This was a lot of effort but it was really terrific to see the front of the school as a shrine to mathematics! Below is a slideshow...

and video..

and I had forgotten that I had blogged about this already here

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