Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mathematics and displays

This post is about our recent adventures with display. At the International School of Toulouse, we are luck enough to work with some people who are brilliant at making displays and making their classrooms and the school an inspirational place to look at. As a maths teacher of nearly 15 years I must confess it has never been my strong point. So, in response to this, we decided to set ourselves a challenge - to fill the schools reception with great display work about things that go on in mathematics classrooms here and show off some brilliant student work. We had a 'Maths Week' in which we scheduled an evening for parents where we would exhibit the displays and have a fun competition which we called - 'So you think you can count?' - I will blog about that in another post!

Anyway the pressure of having a date and an audience prompted us to really work on mathematics displays and the following is some evidence of what our school reception looked like!

A walkthrough - this video is a walkthrough of the displays

Some Pictures - here is a slideshow with some images of what we got up to!


The activities - Here is a list and some links to some of the activities that gave rise to the displays.

The Art of Fractions - Olympic Circles - Prism People - The Rice Show - The 2012 Game - Paper Baubles - Human Loci - Volumes of Pyramids - The Wisdom of the Crowd - Rectangular relations - Visualising Indices

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  1. Well done everyone. There's such a huge range of fantastic activities here.